14.3, St. Patrick's Day, The Week in Review.


Hello again everyone! I'm still thinking about St. Patrick's Day and the energy in the building...unbelievable. Thank you all for being a part of our program; it is so easy to see why this place is so special to me on days like Monday. We didn't get to give out that many penalty burpees, but apparently there are a lot more closets full of green socks and underwear than previously catalogued. Stay tuned for our Open finale celebration on Monday March 31st! Well earned and deserved by all. Once again, stay tuned.
What a week last week for the Open as well.14.3 hit the entire world with a uppercut to the chin. As a program, we were no exception, but in true Tier 1 fashion, you all did some work in the face of the heaviest Open WoDs to date. I feel like our strength training and focus served us all very well on this one. There were many standout performances, and many of you reached so far down to get 1 or 2 more reps that it probably felt like you were scratching the inside of your shoes. Congratulations to you all. For the first time Open athletes - you have reached the top of the hill and are looking down the slide to the back end of the open - it is in sight...the finish, the finale. Awesome work ya'll; you have come farther, faster than you ever would have done had you not clicked that button and registered. I have seen so many 'first evers' in the last few weeks its hard to account for them all. Stay at it! Stay strong, get your rest and finish!
For you veterans and team competitors - you have reached the critical time in the qualifying rounds when many athletes are tired, beat up, de-motivated or just plain 'wore out'. They feel like they have had a bad performance or two, they are in the hole, too far down to make a difference, or they may just be a little unfocused even though they are doing better than ever before...Stop it. Right now. Put away all your lingering doubt, tape that sh@t up with whatever you have in your bag, and drive on. Re-focus, re-energize, talk to your coaches and continue to put in your work - you worked this hard to get where you are, and by all that is holy (whatever that is to you, #IonlyJudgeWoDs) go out and get some. These last 2 weeks are the last :30 of the WoD, the last rep in the complex, the only ones that count from here on out - everything else is in the books. WE. ARE. A. TEAM. Folks we have had so many great contributions this Open to team scoring from across the board - we succeed or fail as one. If you think you don't contribute, you are wrong. You already have. 1 Rep or 300, your face, your voice, your effort is part of what drives us.
I will see you all soon, at the box and in the WoD. Cheers.


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