On Competitive CrossFitting - Redux...


I wrote this a couple months back, but it bears repeating for those of you who didn't see it..Also, for those of you who want to take it to the next level - its not easy. It never was, and it damn sure isn't now. Don't expect to be awesome. Earn it. Don't think its going to be as simple as doing some more cardio or a few more sets of butterfly pullups and taking 2 caps of fish oil with your eggs in the morning. read on.
Journey with me in the way-back machine to a few months ago.

On Competitive CrossFitting. Fitness as Sport. What do you want to acheive?

Good morning all. I want to say a few words on the difference between training for the Sport of Fitness as a competitive athlete and training for exceptional GPP. Folks, over the past 4 years we have seen athletes come into their own, whether it be overcoming physical and mental barriers, learning new skills, becoming the machine they want to be, or becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete. When we began in 2009, the CrossFit Games and the 'Sport' of CrossFit was very young indeed. We measured ourselves inside our own boxes, occasionally (once a year...) we would go out and compete to see who was the best in the state, the region, etc...Maybe even go to a sectional competition to try and make a bid for the Games. Reading some of the history of the games really gives you some perspective on where we are now; its been a truly amazing road.
This does have some implications for athletes who want to compete at the highest level, get better at competing, or have goals that include making it in the top 100 in the region in the Open, competing in serious local and statewide competitions, making it to Regionals, making it all the way to Carson...It means athletes who want to be serious competitors have to be stronger, faster, smarter about their training, mentally tougher, and be focused on goal setting and serious about eliminating their deficiencies. The days of coming in and doing 'Mainsite' and expecting that to get you where you want to go....are all but over. Only the top .01% will be able to accomplish anything like that and then only with a great deal of luck and determination. Being a serious competitor takes SACRIFICE. It takes PLANNING. It takes more than most are willing to give. This means time and effort above and beyond. It means training, not working out. It means being a technician, learning more, developing virtuosity. It means that days you come in and feel like you just want to break a sweat and not Front Squat and then row 10 x 500m intervals are days that failure gets its tiny little claws into you...Sacrifice. Every Slamball you do when you should have been Snatching is another pebble in the bucket of defeat; there is a time for slamball, just not on Snatch day. It means doing it when its not sexy to do it. It means planning linear, not exponential, increases in volume to avoid overtraining. It means having GOALS that are more than - I just want to be better - cause that's not good enough. You have to know what you aren't good at, attack those things, and focus your efforts. You have to get strong when others are 'working out'. You have to recover well, eat right, focus on your mobility and overall health. You have to know the numbers you want to acheive, be willing to pack on muscle in the off season to see you through 3-4 months of hard conditioning and competition. What are you prepared to do?....
If this seems extreme, its because it is. Folks, I applaud you all for walking through Tier 1's doors everyday - you are in the top 1% in the world. You made a decision to be better, stronger, faster and healthier than yesterday. You are the best in the world to us, the most dedicated. You are a family like no other, and we are proud to be a part of it all. What I'm talking about is the rest of that 1% effort - the next Log factor of effort - that takes excellent athletes of all ages to the next level. What do you want to acheive?...Set a goal. Set several. Make a plan - we can help you. But if you want to acheive something at the elite competitive level, you have to be committed beyond even a dedicated CrossFitters tolerance for sacrifice. You have to know in your heart what you want to acheive and begin working towards it. So get up, get out, Get Some. Go Unbroken. See you at the box!



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