Sandstorm! 2.0, a humble thank you, and the evolution of a team...


Well folks, its been a while - but that's okay...its the holidays, and its a great time to get back writing. This is really for you all - every member of our family of athletes. I truly and thankful for all you do every day - the work you put in to be better than yesterday. I am inspired by your dedication. This time of year is a great time to reflect on this, simply because its easier to have a little perspective when the calendar has so few days left in it...somehow it seems like a good time to look back..and forward.
Mainly I wanted to take some time to thank you all. We have grown a great deal this year, expanded our membership, our coaching staff, hit a few growing pains along the way, and grown together as a result. We haven't done everything right, but I'd like to think we've done more right than we have wrong. There are some great things on the horizon for Tier 1 - just over the horizon actually, and we are super excited that you all will be a part of them. Thank you for taking the journey with us, and we will always continue to do our best for you all - you are our biggest fans, best sounding board, and truly the heart and soul of what we do everyday.

I'd also like the opportunity to give shout out to our teams that represented all of us at The Sandstorm! this weekend at CrossFit Wilmington! 3 teams of your fellow athletes took a shot at the title this weekend. 3 RX teams - in the midst of some of the stoutest competition I have ever seen...
Really proud of all these ladies and gents - they all did great yesterday, and we are so proud to have you as a part of our family of athletes. 20 RX teams and 22 Sc Teams competed yesterday at one of the most competitive team events we have EVER seen...bottom line.
The list of competitors read like a catalog of Regional and Games athletes...truly impressive to see these quiet and humble athletes do such amazing things. Arguably my favorite event - the BSQ (although the Raider Time Trial was a close second...)...the roar from the spectators, teams and coaches during that event almost drowned our the Harrier jump jets circling the parking lot for most of the morning.
Our first team - Team Snatch and Sniff - Jenny Magee Connor Hart Thomas Halloran Leah Kilpatrick - included two first time Team RX competitors, and managed 2, count em 2 - top 10 event finishes in the Women's 800m run and Women's Couplet - nice job Ladies! Thomas and Connor were up against some of the fittest and most athletic male competition in the Mid-Atlantic - in their very first RX comp. I am truly impressed and humbled by their composure, veteran attitude and mental toughness in the face of so many Regional individual male adversaries. My hat is off to you all.
Our Second team- The Quad Squad including regional veterans Travis Turnage , Johnathan Hardin, Kim Johnson, and Brittany Weiss posted 4th place! 2 points out of 3rd in a constant day long battle with CrossFit Fort Bragg -one of the strongest, most tactical, and professional team of athletes we have had the pleasure of competing against through the years. Cheers Daniel and Michelle , we look forward to seeing you all again soon. The Quad Squad put together 2 x 2nd place finishes, a 1st in the Triplet!!!, and never finished higher than 8th ALL DAY. Strong.... A huge welcome back to 'big team' competition to JHard - it was great to see you back in action again my man. Travis - my hat is off to your preparation, dedication and focus - you haven't looked better in 4 years. Bottom line. Ladies - you continue to amaze - among other things, Britt hit 250+ for 2 on the BSQ...yeah. KimiSue - you and JHard CRUSHED the Triplet, your experience and leadership are second to none. Fire=Back.
Last but by no means least, especially in this festive season, Santa's Not So Little Helpers - Coach Brent Jamison, Charles Williams, Miriam Elizabeth Timmons, and Lindsay Shaw - you guys battled all day. Constantly. Put up 2 - 7th and 3 x 4th place finishes - including Huge numbers on the sled, Women's couplet, and Double Unders - to finish 5th OVERALL! Brent is in it to win it this year. With a smile on his face, and a gleam in his eye - much like Santa himself - Brent put up big numbers all day. Chuck, you are looking SUPER strong man, on track for 2015, and I really couldn't be prouder of how far you have come towards your goals in the last 6 months. Mimi - once again you have leap frogged yourself year over year - being your second Sandstorm! you looked like a stronger, meaner, more confident version of the Mimi we have seen in big team competition - 2015 look out for Mimi 2.0. Lindsay, you have brought your game to a whole 'nother level. You ladies did an AMAZING job on the couplet - battled to the very end...I saw it. So - 2 teams in the top 5 WHAT?
Proud. Humbled. Happy. Excited for the future for all of our athletes. Have a great weekend, and a great holiday season. You represented yourselves, your team, your program and your boxmates with professionalism, sportsmanship, and excellence in your execution.
Cheers to you all.

- B


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