Simply the BEST Way to workout!!

     Imagine that you could get a group of you friends together, spend an hour doing something challenging, learn a new skill, laugh a little - sweat a lot...and ultimately feel like you accomplished something together that you couldn't do by yourselves...and you will have just about summed up what it feels like to do a CrossFit class at Tier 1! The classes and our entire program is designed to challenge the fittest people on Earth while be completely scalable for ANY skill or fitness level.  Every athlete who has come to Tier 1 thru the years started somethwere - and thru hardwork, you can acheive your fitness goals! We guarantee you one thing - if you keep looking back, you'll never get to where you want to be - and 3 months after you start with us, you'll be doing things you could never imagine!

     Now is the time to take that first step - challenge yourself to learn something new, be fitter, be healthier, and be stronger than you could alone!

     Our program is designed to teach new skills - Olympic lifting (sometimes), powerlifting, gymnastics movements, speed and power drills, endurance training, rope climbing - you name it - most of the time to folks who have never done those things before!  Our primary concern is that our clients (we call everyone athletes), our athletes, learn these skills safely and under the direction of our professional coaching staff.  Technique is paramount, and we are here to help you perfect it!  Whether you are already an athlete interested in the sport of fitness, a recreational sports player recovering from an injury, or if you are interested in health and wellness, and want to begin your fitness journey, we can coach you to maximize your class and training experience!

How long is a class? What is it like?

Classes are generally about 45-60 min.  Our workouts include strength programming like squats, deadlifts, skill work to help coordination and agility, and they are typically capped off with an 'MetCon'.  The MetCon is one of the things that has made CrossFIt one of the most effective training methodologies for overall functional fitness ever devised.  These are short (typically 8-20 min) conditioning workouts using constantly varied, functional movements (everything from running, Kettlebell swings, box jumps, burpees, pull ups, you name it..) that are performed at high intensity! This is the part where everyone goes hard!!  We measure progress by work capacity - measured in the time it takes to perform a task OR the amount of work done in a given time period.  Either way - these workouts are intense and HIGHLY effective!

CrossFit Classes - What to bring and what to expect!

If this is your first Class - bring yourself, comfortable 'workout clothes', and an open mind. Get ready to have some fun, be challenged, and get hooked on fitness! If you are an experienced CrossFitter - bring whatever you normally bring - giant gym bags or just 'nanos and a jump rope'. Try and arrive 5-10 min prior to the start of the class you want to attend so you can get the full benefit of the warmup and Coach-up at the whiteboard!

Competitors Programming - What's the difference? Is it for me?

As a part of our program we offer a competitors variant to all of our class programming.  These versions of the workouts are geared towards the 'Sport of Fitness'. There are a lot of great local and regional fitness events to particiapate in now, and its one of the coolest part of our community!  Gettiung together to workout with the CrossFit community outside our own gym is fun, exciting, and provides great opportunities for gowth as an athlete (at any level!)  If you have been doing CrossFit for a while and really getting interested in the competitive side of the sport (many people eventually gravitate this way, like runners do to 5k's) you may eventually follow our Competitors Program.  There is a lot more recovery required for the intensity and volume included in this program, so its is recommended for experienced CrossFitters who have 'RXd' the majority of there workouts for 3-6 months.


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