Class Schedule and Descriptions:

Our coaches and trainers have decades of experience as competitors, coaches and personal trainers. Whether you are a beginner, elite competitor, first timer or seasoned CrossFitter, our professional and courteous family of coaches will make sure you get the attention you need!

We have classes, programming options, individual and small group personal training, and the well equipped facility you need to reach all of your goals!

Improve Overall Health, Strength and Endurance

- Weight Loss and Improved Body Composition

- Total Athletic Performance

- Barbell Strength Sports

- Fitness As Sport

Our classes consist of the following programming categories:

Athletic Conditioning and Barbell Conditioning

Our Athletic Conditioning classes will provide functionally focused strength and metabolic conditioning training to a broad base of athletes of all levels. Gymnastics and barbell progressions will be more basic - Ground to Overheads, not Squat Snatches, Pull Ups not Muscle ups...for example. The scaling will be clearly defined, and for our first timers - these are the classes to try first! These classes are a great workout, alot of fun, and are a great foundation of fitness for anyone looking to improve their overall health, lose weight, and build functional strength!

Barbell Conditioning classes take the barbell game up a notch - focusing on the barbell strength game! These classes are a great workout, and they will help you overcome weaknesses you didn't know you had! Come and get some helpful coaching cues and tips on the main lifts, work on key accessory and assistance exercises, and expand your knowledge!

Barbell Club and Weightlifting Fundamentals

These classes focus on Olympic Weightlifting, programming, fundamentals, skill progressions, and strength development. Whether you are brand new to fitness, a seasoned athlete looking to expand your skillset, a competitive lifter, or a sport of fitness fanatic - these classes will help to bring your weightlifting game to the next level!

CFT1 CrossFit

This is our constantly evolving, proven best-in-class CrossFit programming. These classes are suitable for athletes who have completed our Foundations program, CrossFit athletes joining us from other locations, athletes visiting from other affiliates, etc. These classes are for all skill levels, but they assume that you have a basic knowledge of all the foundational movements, have been instructed on scaling options and modalities, and are introduced to intensity training. They will consist, typically, of 2 -4 segments, strength focus, metcon, assistance, mobility, cool down, etc. Expect to stay the full hour.

CFT1 Competitors Coached Workout (CCW)

These classes are coached workouts focusing on the fully Rx'd 'Fitness As Sport' competitor. These will be the hardest workouts and strength training evolutions with a focus on cues, competition strategy, mental toughness and focus, unbroken sets/rep schemes, etc. Fully Rx'd athletes will find this program both challenging and rewarding. Contact Brandon directly for more information!


Monday5:00AM - 8:30PM
Tuesday5:00AM - 8:30PM
Wednesday5:00AM - 8:30PM
Thursday5:00AM - 8:30PM
Friday5:00AM - 8:30PM
Saturday9:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday12:30AM - 2:00PM

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