All-inclusive memberships:

Unlimited Membership

- Includes CrossFit, Athletic Conditioning, Competitors Program, Open Gym, and HybridAF 24 Hour Access.

Individual: $119.00/month

Discounts and Contracts:

Student: $99.00/month with 3 month contract

Military: $79.00/month

Family Membership:

Couple: $195.00/month

+$25.00/each additional family member (within household)

Tier 1 Foundations Program

Includes 4, 1 hr minute sessions covering CrossFit fundamentals. Group rates also available for 2, 3, or 4 athletes. See the online portal, or contact us directly for pricing and details!

Includes first month membership - must complete prior to attending CF classes.
Athletes will receive instruction in Olympic lifting, powerlifting, CF fundamentals and introduction to intensity training.
This course is MANDATORY if you do not have prior commensurate CrossFit experience.


Our program is a great way to introduce yourself to CrossFit with either Individual or small group instruction (up to 4 athletes) designed to teach you the fundamental movements and principles that will be the foundations of your training moving forward. Sessions are scheduled on an as needed basis and consist of 8, 45min. - 1 hour sessions designed to build your proficiency and introduce you to intensity training.


Monday5:30AM - 7:30PM
Tuesday5:30AM - 7:30PM
Wednesday5:30AM - 7:30PM
Thursday5:30AM - 7:30PM
Friday5:30AM - 7:30PM
Saturday9:00AM - 12:00PM
Sunday12:00PM - 2:00PM

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